Profit vs Evolution?

The content of this video will be a little different from the usual ones.

No marketing, no personal growth or anecdotes related to my entrepreneurial experiences.
Today I want to invite you to a reflection, because it seems that with each passing day we are losing more and more sense of reason.
Let me make it clear right away that I don’t want to take any political position with this video, neither from the right, nor from the left nor even from the center.
Forget the sides for once and talk about common sense. Just common sense.

Did you also notice that our laws today only seem to safeguard someone’s interests?

I don’t want to end up in the most bitter conspiracy, so no flat land or the alleged nonexistence of Australia.
I want to talk to you about something more concrete by referring to some more recent news events.

In particular, the news that the Italian cassation has established that it is a crime to market cannabis light derivatives.
This gave me a reflection.

The same government that prohibits us today from smoking and growing Indian hemp because “it is not good for health“, however, has a monopoly on the sale of tobacco and allows us to smoke it, despite the fact that it is, according to the data of the world organization of healthcare, the world’s second leading cause of death and is estimated to cause nearly 6 million deaths a year.


So one plant is forbidden and another is on sale everywhere, and this in practice only for economic interests.
Let’s face it: often the rules that are established are not made to protect us, but only to protect someone’s interest.
Apparently, the real reason why Indian hemp is prohibited is that otherwise very large producers of cotton, nylon, timber would go bankrupt.
Hemp is one of the most versatile, strong and resistant materials we have available. There is no better fiber for making fabrics, ropes and paper pulp.
We cut down hundreds of thousands of trees every year to produce the newspapers we read about that the world’s forests are disappearing.

Millions of newspapers could be produced with hemp without cutting down a single tree, at a tenth of the current cost and with a very minimal environmental impact.
If this plant (which by the way also has extraordinary medicinal properties) could be freely cultivated many people would lose out economically.
That’s why cannabis is illegal in many countries.
In the same way, for many years we have had the technology necessary to produce electric cars, to use solar energy as an energy source. Why don’t we take advantage of these opportunities?
Think about who would lose money if this happened and you will get the answer.This is just an example, but it speaks volumes about the priorities in our system.
In our society the good of the many is almost always ignored, if not a huge profit derives for some.And the result of all this is that we live in a decadent society founded on waste.
All our products are based on what technicians call “planned obsolescence”.
Cars cost three times more than they cost twenty years ago and last three times less. A cell phone twenty years ago lasted ten years. Today after two years it is to be thrown away.
Clothes are often thrown away after a few washes.
We accept that absurd wages are paid to footballers and other athletes, while teachers and researchers often live on the edge of poverty.
We throw away more food every day than would be enough to feed half the world.
Nobody seems to have the power to change things, but the truth is that whoever has power has neither the will nor the interest.

What future awaits us if every choice we make is based only on profit rather than evolution, on the progress necessary to really improve the quality of our lives?