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In my videos I talk about my story and my personal or professional growth: if you want, listen to it.
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Sometimes you can win, sometimes you can learn

Eleanor Roosevelt said “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” Errors are important to growth and improve ourself.

4 suggestions to improve yourself and have success

A right training can changes your life. I share four tips for positive and aware training that helps you quickly climb the ladder of your personal success.

Smartworking: the last trend of a radical change of work concept?

Some thoughts about the Smart Working: a revolution of the classic concept of subordinate work but, for many companies, it still represents a utopia.

The mythological figure of the handyman

We’ve all had to deal with him. It exists in every sector. The handyman, that mythological creature who can do everything.

Three lessons i learned from a big mistake

When you create a business you know that you will make mistakes. And that those mistakes sometimes give you the most important lessons.

A win-to-win collaboration between Universities and Enterprises

If universities and companies collaborated we would all be winners.

The digital revolution that is changing the job’s world

It’s really to find a job today? Or maybe we are looking at the job market from an obsolete perspective?

Successful people: being the cause or victim of events?

What are the characteristics of successful people?

How to create and grow an HI-TECH working team

In this video I reply to the popular question: “Nando, where you find smart developers to hire?”

Planning: heart and soul of each successful project

Planning is used to define the steps that will lead to the achievement of your target

How important is to make a decision?

Anthony Robbins, one of the greatest trainers in the world, says that what we are today is nothing more than the sum of all the decisions we have made in our life.

Be careful: where your mind is focused?

Successful people tend to focus on the beautiful things that surround them and that they achieve, leaving almost all negative things out.